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A tune-up to a computer should be similar to a tune-up in a car since that’s where this term originated. Let’s go over a list of what’s included in a tune-up at New York Computer Care. The computer is noticeably faster and in some cases faster then when it was first purchased.

  • Malware/Virus Removal
  • System Updates
  • Clean up temporary files
  • Defrag
  • Remove unnecessary startup items
  • Verify or add security software

This is just a basic list. A tune-Up should actually be a Tune-Up. Before I do a tune-up I do a diagnostic, which is free. This diagnostic will cover the improvements that a tune-up should provide. Other problems like bad hard drives, low memory, or any other problem will be brought up then.

Finally many big box stores are only approved to use a limited number of tools. The amount of tools available to technicians is amazing and 90% of these tools are not available to the technicians at big box stores. This is due to the fact that many of these tools can cause major harm if not used by someone experienced. Because many big box stores hire inexperienced techs, most of the time just savvy sales people, they don’t have the proper experience to handle most complex problems.

In closing many people believe that computer repair by a large company is the right way to go. However, most large companies are more interested in up selling products. Technicians have sales quotas that they have to meet, their job depends on it. Because of this their diagnosis on many problems is based more on the up sell then the repair. Is this the best for the customer?

Among other things, there are unwanted programs (known as “bloatware”) that can bog down your system resources.  We’ve seen some computers with hundreds of these programs installed!  There’s also dust that can build up in the ventilation system.  This dust can block the vents and cause heat to build up inside your computer, eventually causing your computer to slow down and at some point fail entirely, burning up the components.  In laptops, especially, it is extremely difficult to clean this dust out properly. Tuning up computers is an art form. We have mastered this art.



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"Even if you think your computer's dead, we can most likely bring it back to life." That's exactly what happened. Michael diagnosed our dying hard disk within minutes, rescued all our important files, transferred them into our new system and, most important, tested all our programs to make sure the transferred data and the software were working properly. A real professional. Highest recommendation! Martha Gale, Finance Administrator, Middletown Humane Society animal shelter.