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We will fix the damage no matter how bad the crack may look for the price of   $114.95 this includes taxes and installation. Call Us 845-820-9979

The iPad uses an on-screen soft-keyboard like the iPhone or iPod touch; but there’s an optional, full-size keyboard available. And because the iPad has built-in Bluetooth 2.1, it works with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, as well.

The iPad can run any of the 140,000 apps in the iTunes App Store — including ones you’ve already downloaded for your iPhone or iPod touch. And developers are hard at work already creating new versions of their apps that take advantage of the iPad’s larger touch screen.

The iPad seems fragile but kids love it. Are biggest reason for the ipad screen cracking and needing to be fixed. Is that someone either drops it or steps on it. If the Ipad does crack we recommend to stop using it immediately. So that the crack does not spread and cause damage to the LCD screen underneath. If you have more questions regarding your Ipad screen and want to make an appointment to have it fixed. Give us a call we fix Ipads in a 24-48 hour time frame. 845-820-9979