Data Recovery


Middletown New York most innovative data recovery lab.

This is an on-site lab. Meaning we do not ship off hard drives out of state to be fixed. They are fixed at our Middletown New York location in Hudson Valley. We have pioneered some of the most innovative ways to recover data from non-responsive hard drives.

630 route 211 east

Middletown, New York 10940
We take the job of recovering your data extremely seriously due to the implications the data sometimes involves. If your serious about getting your data back call us at 845-820-9979.
We will give you a free consultation on the equipment that is in question.

We do not charge thousands of dollars to recover your very important data they may have been deleted, corrupted or on a hard drive that has completely failed. We are considered to be one of the most reliable and experienced hard drive recovery providers in the industry. Utilizing the latest and most advanced data recovery tools to date, we are capable in retrieving our customer’s data safely, quickly, and affordable.

Free Estimates on all Hard drives and lost data. Call Us Today 845-820-9979